Prehistoric Man and Caves – On the second Tuesday of the trip we went to a pre-historic man museum and some caves.

We woke up really early in the morning for the big day ahead. Sandie and Carol gave us a plastic bag each filled with an apple, an orange and pieces of bread to put it in our bag.

We walked up the up the dirt track, past the goat farm and to Ardales. In Ardales we went to a small cafe (where Martin had borrowed the plastic chairs from). We were all bought a Spanish sandwich. It was basically a toastie with ham or cheese, but it was very nice.

We had a little time to look around the town. Most of us went to the supermarket and stocked up on sweets and fizzy drinks. The featured image shows some of our class making for the supermarket in Ardales. Mollie and Bjork bought presents for their families in a D.I.Y. Shop .

We left the cafe and went to the pre-historic man museum. We had a tour by the man in the museum, Martin had to translate for us. It was quite a small museum, but it had a lot of things to look at. Bjork, Mollie, Ella and Barnaby bought souvenirs at the reception.

We left the museum and walked for about an hour up a hill to the caves. When we got there we put our bags in the entrance and were given a torch. The man from the museum took us around. It was quite big inside. We walked through the caves. He showed us handprints and pictures that cavemen had painted and carved on the walls of the caves.
At the end he made us turn off our torches and be silent, it was really dark. When we came out we had lunch and walked back to the camp.