Norwich Steiner School is located in a large and beautiful Victorian premise close to the centre of Norwich. The building is listed and set in grounds of approximately 3 acres, including a playground and two playing fields surrounded by beech hedges and with some wonderful large and mature trees.

The Charity Name of Norwich Steiner School is Norfolk Initiative Steiner School.

The educational provision is as follows:



Kindergarten is for children aged 3 ¼ to 6 years of age and a fundamental principle of Steiner Early Years education is that ‘work’ of young children is playing. In the kindergarten environment they learn how to be social, how to share and interact with others. In playing with natural materials such as planks, pine cones and shells, the possibilities for creative play remain limitless and children gain invaluable skills in areas such as balancing, building, coordinating, which will provide a good foundation for later, more formal learning, but in a natural and unpressurised way. Kindergarten children are also able to enjoy activities such as baking, painting, craft activities, story-telling and puppet shows in a homely and relaxed setting, as well as plenty of outdoors time each session, when they can dig and climb, run and play in the sandpit.   To see more information, please visit the Kindergarten.

“The more we take into account that intellect develops from the movement of the limbs, from dexterity and skills, the better it will be.” Rudolf Steiner, 1920

Lower School


In Lower School, for children age rising 7 – 14, pupils experience a broad and rich curriculum appropriate to their age and stage of development, with a balance of academic and practical subjects. Artistic, physical, practical and academic subjects are all given equal importance, thus providing a healthy environment where children with different abilities and challenges can learn and thrive.   To see more information, please visit the Lower School.

The Upper School


The Upper School is for children from age 14 to 19 years old, benefitting from the rich Steiner-Waldorf curriculum, designed especially to help meet the emotional, social, spiritual and physical needs of teenagers. The emphasis is on learning through doing and developing an understanding of processes, so that pupils leaving the school at age 18/19 will be capable adults, able to find creative solutions and carve their own destinies.  To see more information, please visit the Upper School.

Norwich Steiner School is one of only three Steiner Schools in the UK currently offering the fully accredited New Zealand Certificate of Steiner Education (NZCSE), formerly known as the Steiner School Certificate (SSC). The NZCSE is a three-year course leading to a school leaving qualification which is equivalent to A Level standard and qualifications such as the International Baccalaureate, but which is based entirely on the Steiner curriculum.

Pupils leaving our school with the Certificate are able to gain entry to Universities, including those from the famous Russell group, on an equal basis to those coming from mainstream secondary schools.