Nestled on a quiet road on the edge of Lakenham, the Norwich Steiner School sits unassumingly on its three acre site. Behind its elegant, Victorian entrance, the school aims to provide a consistently nurturing and balanced curriculum for 3 to 19-year-olds and Ofsted agrees, and acknowledges their success.

During their full, 3 day inspection of the school in November 2023, the compliments flowed as the inspectors were delighted to find a broad curriculum throughout the school, something that they noted as rare, in practice in the UK. Alongside this breadth, the school was praised for its ambition and rigour which in some areas, inspectors stated, exceeded that of the National Curriculum. They were equally impressed by the high standard of work produced by the pupils and their ability to demonstrate a wide range of academic & practical skills.

This is made manifest through the pedagogical underpinning of the Waldorf / Steiner curriculum. The philosophy and curriculum upon which the Norwich Steiner School is built, aims to meet the child at their developmental phase and encourages curiosity, imagination and a lifelong love of learning. As a small independent school (around 100 pupils), class sizes encourage positive working relationships where every child is individually considered. It is perhaps the school’s capacity to understand and acknowledge the individual that contributes to Ofsted’s observations of eloquent and well-behaved children throughout.

Receiving a ‘Good’ Ofsted rating is cause for celebration but noting that the Norwich Steiner School has consistently maintained this rating since it opened in 2005 is an outstanding testament to the school’s steadfast dedication to providing a quality education in an ever-changing world.

As aparent put it,“It’s reassuring the school we’ve chosen for our children has maintained its Good Ofsted rating. The school is a bit of a hidden gem, quietly going about its business. A lot of attention is paid by teachers to planning the curriculum and nurturing children’s innate enthusiasms. Learning methods for the children are varied and not purely didactic. We have been impressed at how our children have retained a sense of wonder throughout their childhood and are developing into engaged, well-rounded individuals as they get older. The school offers a real alternative to families and staff can be deservedly proud.”