Growing Through Kindergarten- Recommended Attendance and Ages

Kindergarten works most harmoniously and is of greatest benefit to all of the children when there is a good mixture of ages. As they play together each day the children really get to know each other, and the group takes on a lovely, sociable, family feeling.

A mixed age group allows all of the children to shine- the older ones develop a caring, helpful attitude towards the younger ones, setting good examples and inspiring play, and the younger ones are able to join in with games, to watch and to imitate.

3¼ – 4 year olds settle into the rhythm, routine and habits of kindergarten by becoming familiar with the staff, other children and environment, so they come for a minimum of three consecutive mornings a week to start with (although some are ready to attend on four days. We find that this builds a firm footing for their kindergarten education as good habits are reinforced and independence and self-confidence will then grow more quickly.

4 to 5 year old children are particularly imaginative and socially versatile, so are expected to attend a minimum of four days each week to enable them to further develop their co-operative and creative play. This is important for language (and, later, literacy) development, and their increased attendance is of great benefit to the whole group as they bring a beautiful balance and harmony, linking the older and younger children in play, caring for the little ones, and looking up to and imitating the older ones.

From their fifth birthday onwards the children are completely immersed into kindergarten life, attending every morning, contributing to and fully benefiting from the whole kindergarten experience. Our five-year-olds are proud to start to help with the general running of the morning (setting the table or washing up) and as their sense of responsibility and ability grows they look forward to the new activities and responsibilities to come. Attending afternoon kindergarten for one or two afternoons a week helps to prepare them for the longer days in school later on.

Our 6 year-olds truly are the leaders of the kindergarten. Totally familiar with the environment, the rhythm and the routines, they are at home now, they are in their element. They have many new privileges, projects and responsibilities- they serve food, mend toys and help the younger children with their waterproofs. They organise and supervise play, enjoying passing on their knowledge and skills to the younger ones.

During the summer term they attend an additional afternoon session where they complete craft projects and prepare for the next stage in their journey- upstairs to Class One.

Further details about attendance requirements may be found in the school’s admissions policy.