Fees in the School and Kindergarten are set at a level to cover the basic day-to-day expenditure of these provisions. In the absence of state funding or financial benefactors, our ability to offer concessionary rates to families on low incomes is strictly limited and dependent upon the majority of people being able to pay full fees. This means that particularly in classes that are full or nearly full, any remaining places will only be available to families who are able to pay the full fees.

However and in line with many other Steiner Schools throughout the UK, we do not willingly turn away any child on the sole grounds of inability to pay. We endeavour to work with any family committed to the education in order to find a way forward that would allow the child to be accepted into the kindergarten or school.

Before requesting a concession on payment of full fees, we ask that you please consider whether there are relatives/godparents of the child, with a family interest in their future, and who may be willing to make a regular contribution to their education, thus easing pressure on the very limited resources of the charity.

Please note also, that the school is unable to subsidise families where expensive or unrealistic lifestyle choices are the cause of inability to pay school fees.

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