A view from the Bridge is a modern day ancient Greek Tragedy. You are invited to follow the tragedy through the love story of Catherine and Rodolpho.

Rodolpho is an illegal immigrant from Italy. He is a suave, handsome male, who Catherine falls for instantly. This creates a complicated love triangle between three significant figures.

montage - view

Watch as tension rises and drama builds, leading to an inevitable climax that brings everything together.

The performance will take place on the 8th and 9th of July at 7pm at Norwich Steiner School.

The Cast:

Jamie as Alfieri
Niko as Eddie
Ella as Catherine
Mortimer as Rodolpho
Bjørk as Beatrice
Connor (8th) and Mollie (9th) as Marco

Barnaby as the 1st Immigration Officer
Jessica as the 2nd Immigration Officer
Barbara as Louis and Tony
Lena as Mike
Tali as Miss Lipari
Leon (both nights) one of two “Submarines”
Mollie (8th) and Connor (9th) as the other “Submarine”

The production team:

Set Design by Jessica and Leon
Set production by Barnaby, Jessica, Leon, Barbara and Eve
Props by Jeff and Leon
Director Jeff
Assistant Directors Tali and Barnaby
Marketing Lena and George
Lights Lena, Leon, Barnaby and George
Filming Lena and George

Keep up to date with our written blog, with behind the scenes views and rehearsals.

Tickets are only £5 for over 18s, and £2.50 for children. This money will fund the play and the equipment hired, such as the lights and recording paraphernalia. Apply for tickets over email to [email protected] or at the schools reception. We advise against children under the age of 13 to attend, for this is an adult play, but the decision can be up to the adult accompanying them.

The play should have a running time of 1 hour and 30mins including a 20min interval in the middle, where the refreshments will be served for donations.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.