Swimming in Spain – At the camp there were three main swimming areas. The first was down at the river. There was a plank of wood nailed across two rocks, making a bridge. There were little waterfalls running through the rocks, they felt like little jacuzzi’s. The second was a big pool which we could jump in from a big rock. If we didn’t shower under the hose, we would have washed there. The third was a natural swimming pool a bit further up from Martin’s house. It was a frog pond. But it was fenced off so the plants and frogs couldn’t get in. When we went for a walk down the river, we also came to a place where we could swim. Barnaby, Niko, Jess and Ella swam in there. Niko jumped in from a big rock. When we went to the lakes after an ice cream, we went swimming. It was really warm and the water was nice and blue.