“Made in Malaga” – Now we come to the social aspects of the trip and probably the most complicated part. People’s personalities seemed to show a lot more than usual. In fact I learned a few things about others I didn’t know, not to mention things about myself I never really thought about. To be honest it was probably the most stressful time of my life. Being a 15 year old, life gets more complicated than it needs to be. Others seemed to learn a lot about me too and now everything seems to have changed between the class. But apart from deep secrets, heartbreaks and hidden personality traits being revealed, friendships got stronger and we all gained a better understanding of each other and how we deal with certain emotions, strengthening ourselves and allowing us to get through it again without falling apart. In the end good and bad things came from being together for such a long time and though it will not be forgotten, it is in the past and that’s exactly where it will stay.

The photo is “Made in Malaga” at Malaga airport on the way home.