I’m about to tell you about Elder classes amazing photography week. On the first day we were told how to make a pinhole camera and how it works. Then we all went into the lab and started to work. We had to cut out all different squares and rectangle to form the box sides, tops and bottoms. Some of us started to stick the pieces together and some of us went with Alastair the teacher. We went to Alistair’s pinhole camera (a trailer!) and got to experience what it was like to be inside a camera. It was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed the experience. I would definitely try it again. Then when we came back inside it was too late for the other half to go into the camera, so Alastair decided that they could go in the pinhole camera the next day.

It took a lot of work to make the cameras and paint them but in the end it was a success. We all had lots of fun taking the pictures. There were lots of group photos and a lot of smiley faces. It took about 7 minutes to take a photo, depending on the shade and whether you wanted it to be lighter or darker. We took lots of photos and we had a blast. We all thought it was epic and lots of fun. There was a lot to do so we never got bored.

We developed them and put the prints up to dry. They all looked really good and very effective. Some came out good and some didn’t come out so great but we had lots of fun, joy and excitement making all of the pictures.

I think if I asked everyone in Elder, if they enjoyed the week, they would have said that they all really enjoyed it and thought it was fun. I would definitely say I enjoyed it.

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