Parenting Talk starts at 7pm, entitled:

“Parenting today’s children for tomorrow’s world: minimising stress at home and school”

Stress levels are rising alarmingly in our children, both at school and at home. Drawing on cutting-edge research from the Institute of HeartMath, California, and on her own experience as a Steiner educator working with children and teens, Shelley Davidow will speak on how parents can minimise the impact of stress in their children’s lives. This talk will focus on:

– understanding the stress response and managing it
– parenting for a peaceful home
– resolving behaviour issues
– providing firm, effective guidance when problems arise.

This talk is a must for every parent who wants to raise emotionally stable, responsible, stress-proof children. Shelley Davidow is the author of the just published book Raising Stress-Proof Kids.

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