On the 29th of April our class woke with something of a shock. Whether it was the horror of being in the middle of nowhere, or the absence of WiFi remains debatable. The mornings were cold. And as we got dressed the first thing we saw was the Spanish sun rise from above the mountains. When we had brushed our teeth and had our breakfast we assembled in the centre of the camp at around 8:00 am. That’s when it hit us, everyday for two weeks we would have to wake at 7 o’ clock and get ready for 2 hours of tedious work in an olive farm. Work ended at around 10:30. That’s when the heat of the day became apparent. After work, we would have a break for forty five minutes and then start working on projects until 1:00 pm

Barnaby, Ella and I were working on digging a trench to bury a pipeline that feeds the olive trees with the water from the drains. When that was finished we were moved to building a wall. Leon and I did the largest part of the wall, the lifting of the stones. In the end it turned out that we had lifted around five tonnes of rock in two days.