With many parents tearing their hair out over ongoing government reforms to GCSEs and the focus on an ever narrower curriculum, Norwich Steiner School is pleased to announce an exciting and proven secondary qualification from New Zealand.  Underwritten by the New Zealand government (and already valid in the UK due to Commonwealth arrangements), and based on the acclaimed Steiner curriculum, the International Steiner School Certificate (ISSC) provides a multidisciplinary qualification for the school leaver, whether they be going on to university, further education or employment.

Norwich Steiner School is one of a number of UK schools which have adopted, or are planning to adopt, the ISCC.  Employers and universities will be offered students who have had to show an all-round ability in several key subjects, as well as in more specialised areas.  With assessment and grading incorporated into the normal delivery of the curriculum, the ISSC represents a viable and creative alternative to a GCSE and A Level system that is failing so many students across the board.

Norwich Steiner School will be starting the first year of this three year qualification in September 2014 with its eldest class.  We currently have a few places available in this class for children who will be 15 or 16 by July 2014.

Norwich Steiner School invites any interested parents or members of the public to come and find out more by attending a talk at its premises at Hospital Lane at 7.30pm on Tuesday 3rd December. The school is also hosting one of it’s regular introductory mornings during school hours (booking essential) on Wednesday 4th December.

Alternatively for more details about the ISSC please click here or phone or email the school.