As usual, it was a relatively early start to the day.  After we had breakfast, we packed our lunches and headed out.  The underground took us right to Lenbachhaus, where we spent most of the day.

Lenbachhaus is one of the many art museums in Munich. It contains a vast collection of arts from many time periods, from the fine arts of the 19th century, to modern art.

After Eve had given us our tasks and showed us around the building. We had lunch outside at the museum’s garden.

The exhibition space was divided up into three parts on floors. The ground and first floors were dominated by portrait paintings and landscape paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries and the third floor had modern arts.

We had to pick either 2 portrait or 2 landscape paintings, and do a sketch of both. One from the 19th century, the other a modern piece. Then do a simplified version of the 19th century painting.

In my opinion, it was very interesting seeing the highly detailed paintings of the Romantic period, and contrasting those with the simplified paintings of the Expressionist period.

Expressionist Lenbachaus - Romantic