Surfing is a popular pass time for young people in Munich and this isn’t surfing on the sea. There are a few rivers that provide a wave strong enough to surf on. Me (Barnaby), Jamie, and Mollie were brave enough to give it ago.

Jamie and I, dressed in our wetsuits (which were not very flattering), took to the water. I went first… and lasted about 3 seconds until I fell in. Then on the second go, I lasted a little bit longer by holding on to the person teaching me to surf. After I let go there was a brief moment where you could say I was actually surfing, until once again falling over. Unfortunately I was only allowed those two goes. Jamie was next and did about as well as I did. Last up was Mollie. Who attempted to surf without a wet suit…and I say attempted because she stood on the surf board for a few seconds before getting off and letting the board crash along the side (I don’t think the person who’s surf board it was, was too happy).

All in all, we didn’t do very well and looked quite stupid in front of a lot of strangers. But at least if they made fun if us it was in German and we didn’t understand what they were saying.