On an adventurous cycle-tour of Munich, we were heartily guided round the city by an American named Lenny. He gathered us all in the Marienplatz of Munich, the city centre, and gave us the ‘ADHD’ version of the historical events that happened there. Then off we went to our Californian Beach Cruiser bikes which we were all the same adventurous shade of tangerine, and away we cycled to the Höfbrau Haus, to have another ADHD version of events that took place there. This pattern of ADHD-friendly lectures happened at each point of interest we visited.

Precariously cycling in between the swarm of pedestrians in Munich, we followed Lenny around the city, listening intently to his risky comments about Segways and naked sunbathers alike.

At lunch we stopped at a Beer Garden in the English Gardens to eat our packed lunches and, to Lenny’s disappointment, drink some non-alcoholic beer. Whilst at lunch we learnt a bit about Lenny himself, how he moved from America, about his two sons and also about his beer crawls he does for stag do’s too. He showed us some videos related to these antics which were very entertaining, including a man dressed as an Oompa Loompa doing press ups with the resounding voice of Lenny shouting some words of ‘encouragement’ at him.

Then we went over to see the surfers, yes, there were surfers in the middle of Munich. Just past a bridge in the English Gardens an installation in the river had been put in to create a wave to surf on. This wave had cues of surfers waiting for their turn, all of them attempting to get the crowds of tourists wet with the spray from their boards. Luckily we all cycled away dry.

Lenny would also point out the secret Swastikas that were built into things like doors and in the Bavarian flag on the ceilings of the Höfbrau Haus, where Hitler staged his ‘Beer Hall Putsch’.

Lenny then took us along the river Isar, where we saw a man that was so tanned and dried out he looked like a mummified body.

After staring at the sun-seeker for a while, we cycled back through to the city centre and the car park in which Lenny stationed his bicycles.

We said goodbye to our American friend, who subsequently went off to find Jeff because he hadn’t paid yet, which we all thought was a joke.