By Tomasin

On the 13th of June, Birch Class were taken on a camping trip to Forncett, during an Ecology main lesson block taught by Sonja Burnett. Sandie Tolhurst, the PE teacher, knows Forncett very well, and came along with Sonja to host the trip. Three cars transported Birch on Monday morning, and shortly after arrival the tents were set up, the toilet dug, and the luggage unloaded.

Forncett is very wet and is plagued by stinging nettles and thistles, so the pupils had packed long sleeved tops, water proofs and wellies. Friendly gypsy horses grazed in one of the fields near the small river, their hair scattered over the land along with their manure. Not very helpful!

Nearby the campsite, there was a wood populated by Hazel and Sycamore trees and supplied the campers with firewood. Also there was and a deep & deadly mud swamp which had, in the past, tried to submerge ignorant horses!

The selection and taste of the food was overall very good and well chosen. Although reluctant, everyone took turns to either help cook, clean or collect firewood. We couldn`t leave poor Sonja or Sandie to do it by themselves, could we?

Activities were arranged so Birch could do something practical instead of lazing around in my tent, and yes, nearly the whole class was in there, to think of the smell… Anyway, once paired up, the couples went off on some orienteering. Two people went
off map and a search party was looking for around 40 minutes, it definitly wasn’t me, thats for sure.

The camp also crafted a ladder out of hazel wood, some quadrats, a willow table and a bow and arrow.  Camp stories were told by firelight in the late evening, one by Marley about a tribe he had researched, and 3 African stories were told by Jeff, an upper school teacher and Class Guardian, who visited us for one evening. Birch Class said goodbye to Beltran that night. He has been a vising student for a whole academic year, and is dearly missed by everyone.

On the third day, we all had breakfast, packed up our things and were driven back to school, arriving at 3.30. The trip was very much enjoyed and I hope we can do something similiar again. A big thanks to Sandie and Sonja for organising it.