From her deep passion for swimming and the Ocean, borne from a time as a small child that her father took her snorkelling over the Great Barrier Reef, Jess used her Final Year project as an opportunity to learn a new skill and so she learned to Scuba Dive.

At her project presentation, Jess entertained her audience with tales of her personal journey in learning to dive……things like how important it is to keep warm, but if it’s your first dive and your suit leaks and lets in water so that you’re really cold….how do you know this isn’t normal…..until you come out looking blue and close to hypothermia….. Or how you have to learn not to panic when losing your mask or your mouthpiece…..

Jess is one of our pupils who is taking some time out and she plans to travel back to re-visit the Great Barrier reef, this time to Scuba dive as an adult!