Ella’s Final Year Project:    Composing, Performing & Recording a CD of original songs

Music is Ella’s passion. For her project she decided to produce a ‘Concept album’, one in which all the songs are interlinked and effectively tell a story. In her album Ella’s songs tell the tale of a girl who is kidnapped by a character called ‘Pink Ted’….and through the album the girl gradually realises that she is crazy…..

Ella’s CD has 10 original songs which she has composed, performed in and recorded herself with minimal facilities and many hours of effort. She designed her own CD book, complete with illustrations and the words of the songs, and then sent everything off to a company who burned her a set of 40 professionally produced CDs and booklets.

Ella presenting her project at School

Below are clips of music from some of the tracks on Ella’s CD.

We’re all insane

Poor Scarecrow


He Did It


Blue Lights