Norwich Steiner School opened its Upper School in September 2012. The Upper school is now in its fourth year and can accommodate pupils aged 13 to 18 years old.  The Upper School will continue to grow and develop right through to Class 12/13, when the oldest pupils are 18/19 years old and ready to take their next step in life.

The school is committed to supporting students in realising their potential and enabling them to follow, with confidence, their individual paths.  The Steiner-Waldorf Curriculum, which aims to meet the needs of the child at each stage of his or her development, provides the rich foundation upon which such journeys can be built.

The creative breadth and depth of the Waldorf Curriculum, together with appropriate teaching practices, encourages the emergence of healthy young adults capable of independent and creative thinking, healthy social relationships and the ability to make choices and to succeed in all aspects of contemporary life.