Steiner schools in the UK operate almost exclusively in the independent sector, with the exceptions of the Steiner Academy in Hereford and the new free schools in Frome, Bristol and Exeter. Until such time as state funding may be extended to all Steiner Schools, the only income the school receives comes from parental fees and fund-raising activities.

In Norwich Steiner School, we offer 5 full days (9am-3.30pm) for all children from Class 1 upwards. There is, however, the option for parents to take younger children out on one or two afternoons a week should they so wish.

The afternoons when parents may take children out of school at 1pm are as follows:

Ash Class 1/2 - Mondays (first term), Wednesdays & Fridays
Rowan Class 3/4 - Fridays

Fees for 2019-20

Upper School £7,455 / year
Lower School £6,960 / year
Kindergarten £4,080 / year

Afternoon kindergarten £15.40/session

Fees increase incrementally year on year, at a rate of approximately 3% per annum, in order to keep in line with inflation.