The Ethos of the school:

  • Teachers have an awareness of the developmental stages of children and aim to bring pedagogical material at a time and in a manner that meets the developing needs of the child
  • Teachers strive to teach in a creative and imaginative way, whether teaching algebra or art for example
  • Teachers strive to bring the curriculum in a manner that encourages curiosity, a desire to be inquisitive and develops a lifelong love of learning
  • All subjects are valued equally whether artistic or academic, and an appreciation of all subjects is encouraged

During their time at school, we aim for all pupils to:

  • Feel safe
  • Feel known and recognized as individuals
  • Know that staff care about them, want to listen to and support them
  • Develop a love of learning

When pupils leave the school, we aim for them to leave:

  • With a sense of well-being, confidence and self-belief.
  • As balanced, open minded, tolerant, inquisitive and well -rounded young adults,
  • As socially and economically responsible adults
  • Academically ready for further education should they choose it
  • Educated to a breadth and standard that enables them to consider a range of possibilities when taking their next steps in life