What qualifications do we offer?

Since this September 2014, Norwich Steiner School has become one of the first in the UK to offer an alternative secondary school leaving qualification, in the form of the Steiner School Certificate. Prior to Steiner School Certificate being developed, the school did not offer any formal qualifications. This is because there were no suitable qualifications available which appropriately reflect the Steiner-Waldorf curriculum. The school also believes that offering ‘off-the-shelf’ qualifications is not necessarily the best way to help young adolescents develop into balanced, capable and innovative young adults.

The commitment of the school is to work with each pupil to ensure he/she is suitably prepared in whatever way is most appropriate to support that individual in their next step, when they leave this school at age 18/19. Put simply, for a pupil wishing to progress into higher education who does not wish to pursue the SSC, this might involve them being supported in developing a portfolio of independent work in their chosen area; quite possibly to a standard more commonly seen in the first year of a relevant degree course than in the work of a pupil of sixth form age.

Alternatively, for a pupil wishing to follow a more vocational pathway, or perhaps learn a trade, more of an emphasis would be placed on developing good practical skills and accessing a range of relevant work placements.